5 Tips for Staying on Track with your New Year’s Goals

As we head further into the year, it’s easy to let our well-intentioned New Year’s Resolutions start to slip. Losing a bit of motivation leading in to the Autumn months is very common – so please don’t be too tough on yourself if you feel that you are struggling a little bit right now. You are not alone. The goals that were important to us in 2019 can seem like nothing more than a distant memory. At times like now it is important to refocus your energy, reevaluate those goals and tailor where you are at now to your health and exercise regime. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at five ways you can stay focused on your exercise regime throughout the next few months.

1. Make specific, realistic goals
Re-visit the goals that you set for yourself at the end of last year. The same ones that were obviously important to you at the time. Believe it or not, they are still important to you now, but other things in your life might have taken precedence, as can happen. Have a think about what the goals were and if they are still realistic and achievable. This will make sure you aren’t pushing yourself too hard physically and be a great mental booster when you can celebrate your achievements!

2. Shift your perspective
Another great way to stay focused on your fitness regime is to shift your perspective. Try thinking about why the goal that you set was important in the first place. Consider that you start thinking like someone that has already achieved their goal and are simply setting a new one. Try thinking about exercise as something that is a core part of your life – a non-negotiable part of your day, even. You’ll be surprised how convincing your brain can be, and you might just find yourself waking up rearing and ready to get to the gym!

3. Train with a friend
Bringing a friend along to the gym with you increases your chances of staying focused on your exercise regime, as well as being fantastic for your mental health. You’re much less likely to cancel your after-work yoga class when your friend is saving a mat for you, and having someone to chat to in-between weight sets can also mean you’ll be less likely to get bored and quit. Spending quality time with friends, whether it’s in a gym or not, is also fantastic for our stress levels, making us feel calmer and improving our overall mental health. 

4. Consider the roadblocks
As the year goes on, it becomes easier to let things get in the way of your exercise routine. Mitigate your ‘roadblocks’ by considering what might disrupt your training at the beginning of the week and coming up with already thought-out solutions for each issue. Know you’re going out to lunch with work colleagues? Take a look at the menu and make your mind up about what you’re going to eat in advance. If you’ve got a function on later in the week that will impact on your evening session, try to get something in during the morning instead. 

5. Remember why you started!
After all that, the biggest thing that can keep us on track with our exercise regimes throughout the year is thinking back to the reasons we started in the first place. Instead of thinking back to a ‘thing’ you wanted to achieve, try thinking of an ‘intention’. This word gives a much broader focus and allows us to see the impact fitness can have on our lives holistically. For example, instead of thinking “I wanted to lose weight”, think “I wanted to be able to choose clothes more easily and feel comfortable when travelling”. Or, maybe instead of “I wanted to quit drinking”, think “I want to be more present with my friends and family and feel better about myself”. Focusing on our intentions makes us feel energised, connected and empowered, and can be the boost we need when we want to improve our lives in the long-term!

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