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WHAT IS Golden Gloves?

The word boxing may conjure up images of famous athletes such as Muhammad Ali or Floyd Mayweather. However, boxing is no longer limited to the ring, and has become a popular way to improve fitness amongst all ages and athletic levels. Our Golden Gloves is a boxing style training session, which mimics the characteristics of classic boxing training. This class focuses on both aerobic and anaerobic capacity, as well as boxing technique and stamina. Each class will incorporate unique punching combos and moves, to allow you to improve your cardiovascular stamina, whilst simultaneously building your strength, speed and agility. 

WHY SHOULD I TRY Golden Gloves?

What sets our sessions apart from many other popular “boxing” style sessions, is that we utilise partners to build both camaraderie and maintain the intensity of the session. Whether you have a history in the ring or are a total boxing novice, our supportive community and coaches will help you build a strong foundation of boxing skills while you blast calories and frustrations. This class is also an excellent form of low impact cardio. This makes it the perfect fit if you’re looking to build up your cardio strength, without high amounts of running or jumping. So if you’re looking for a fun and paceable way to improve your overall fitness, this session is a one to book!


The benefits of fitness boxing are numerous. Improvements to the cardiovascular system has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Strength and stamina increases can make activities of daily living easier. Even more critical in modern times, boxing can lower stress and promote serotonin release. Boxing brings you into the present moment, acting as a form of meditation, which can improve your overall outlook on life. It’s clear that fitness boxing can have long term benefits outside of the ring!

Three reasons to try a Golden Gloves session

Improve your cardiovascular fitness

Simply, you won’t get another cardio workout like you do in a Golden Gloves boxing class. Taking heart rate and energy burned into account, you’ll sweat buckets and all from just throwing your hands around. And, you don’t need any experience to come to one of our Golden Gloves sessions – no world champions here!


I’m sure that you’ve heard before, but if you ask anyone about the best part of a group boxing class, the answer will be that they are just fun. And it is this fun aspect of boxing sessions that keeps them full, week after week. The time will fly and even though you’ll be exhausted, you’ll probably want to keep going!

Stress release

You know when you’ve had a bad day at the office and you just want to scream? Your boss has just done your head in and you feel like you want to punch someone? Yes, we’ve all been there! You simply won’t find a better way to release your pent up anger and frustrations than punching the hell out of a friend!

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Google reviews

I have found the training atmosphere to be very rewarding I have got my mojo back and look forward getting stuck in and burning some calories most days of the week – and of course the reward of catching up with many familiar faces during class a bit of banter and laughter always helps. I am loving the mix of classes strength mustangs and boxing are the 3 I gravitate to – Cardio Power Wednesday morning I have a love hate relationship with ( running is definitely not my strong point) but acknowledge the rewards it brings.

Roslyn Pettitt

Never knew how fun boxing was, once again the sweat was pouring out but made it through the session! Can’t wait to do more!

Ryan Cunningham

I’ve been training at Fitness Playground and the Bunker for over 18 months now. Apart from strength training, I’ve loved working on improving callisthenics skills with my trainer Dave Marsh. It’s really helped with mobility, movement and strength, and overall well being. What I love most about the Bunker is the sense of community.

John Doe

Totum Health

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