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Mustangs is our “bootcamp session”. The term “bootcamp” is most commonly associated with the military, namely a period of time before active service that new recruits are shaped and molded into ideal soldiers through a dedicated physical fitness regime, and mental toughness training. Similarly, boot camps are the perfect training ground to increase your drive, determination, and overall fitness.

This session is designed around functional movement-based exercises which will bring functionality to your training, improving all aspects of your daily life. Incorporating both cardio and strength aspects, this classic format will challenge your focus, stamina, and give you confidence in your everyday movements. Set in a variety of locations with options for beach sessions and scenic views, this session is our most popular and is a staple amongst our members.


There is a reason “bootcamp” style sessions have maintained popularity for decades, it’s due to their efficiency and results. Our Mustang session is perfect for those looking to burn calories, increase strength, boost confidence, improve aerobic endurance, and motivate themselves towards long-term health. It’s hard to think of anyone who doesn’t fall into that category. If you are looking for the perfect all rounder of a session, to trim your waistline and boost your spirits, try one of our Mustangs today, and fall in love with fitness!


Mustangs can promote long-term fitness adherence, through both social engagement, and the diversity of training. Improving your cardiovascular endurance can have dramatic benefits on everything from lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease, to keeping up with your children, grandchildren, or favorite sport. Muscle tone can support you physically in everyday activities and improve your physical confidence. Best of all, fitness can improve your overall mood and lower your risk of depression.

Three reasons to try a Mustangs session

Improve your all-round fitness

Our Mustangs sessions are the perfect blend of strength and cardio, to give you the best all-round workout that you can get. An elevated heart-rate with the burn of those extra reps, you’ll never leave a Mustangs sessions with much in the tank!

Weight loss

When you exercise, your metabolic rate can stay elevated for hours after you finish the session and sometimes even days! If weight loss is your goal, than one of the things that you should be trying to do is increase your metabolic rate, and Mustangs will do just that!

Mental health

Whether it is the sweat of the challenge or your friends that are pushing you along, there are clear mental health and wellbeing benefits to moderate and high intensity exercise. Doing it with your friends, to help get you through, just enhances this aspect of total health!


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Google reviews

I started off with a mindset to lose a bit of weight after being forced to work from home during the covid lockdown - but it turned out to be so much more than that! Overall I am starting to feel so much healthier, stronger and happier about myself. "

Jess Smith

Mustangs is by far my favourite session regardless of who takes it. I love the variety, no knowing what I am in for and it’s always a challenge.

Jen Turnbull

I’ve been training at Fitness Playground and the Bunker for over 18 months now. Apart from strength training, I’ve loved working on improving callisthenics skills with my trainer Dave Marsh. It’s really helped with mobility, movement and strength, and overall well being. What I love most about the Bunker is the sense of community.

John Doe

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