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WHAT IS Pilates?

Images of Pilates often make it seem complex, showing large machinery and devices, or pretzeled practitioners doing intense flexibility and core exercises.  However in reality, Pilates can be done with nothing but a mat, and may be modified to meet your needs and flexibility.

In our Pilates sessions, we combine both classic and modern Pilates movements.  In addition to toning bodyweight exercises our class incorporates bands and Pilates balls in order to increase the intensity and challenge your stability. Sessions last for 45 mins, and focus on overall strength, with a special focus on “The Powerhouse”. “The Powerhouse” is a group of muscles; abdominals (upper and lower), lower back, glutes and the hip — this is the core of Pilates. According to Joseph Pilates, the powerhouse is the centre of the body and when strengthened it offers a solid foundation for any movement. By focusing on strengthening the entire core,  including the deeper core muscles and pelvic floor, our Pilates class can help increase your posture, decreasing back pain, and supporting you in all your habitual and athletic movements. 


There are numerous benefits to Pilates, including improvements in core strength, stability, muscle control, and muscular endurance. However one of most popular benefits is improvements to back pain. A frequent issue of modern times, back pain is often exacerbated by a poor core connection. Sitting in an office and car during the week and sitting on a couch in the evenings and weekends can overtime cause our cores to weaken and chronic back pain to set in. One of the tenants of Pilates is that postural alignment and core stability is a key element in creating a strong and stable body. That’s why Pilates has been found in numerous scientific studies to help alleviate chronic back pain. By utilizing bodyweight exercises and moves, our Pilates session is an all levels full body workout. This class will provide you with an accessible way to build strength and stability throughout your body for better tone, posture, balance, and flexibility. Each move will have various levels and modifications, allowing you to pick the variations which give you the greatest challenge while maintaining control and form.


In addition to back pain alleviation, the benefits of Pilates are many, and may include improvements to balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance. One of the key cited benefits clients often experience is an overall improvement in core strength and muscular control. Some members have even noticed a decrease in their waist measurements as a result of an increased awareness of their deep core muscles!  

If you’re looking to build a toned physique, tighten the muscles of the core, and increase your flexibility, incorporate a Pilates session into your weekly routine!

Three reasons to try a Pilates session

Strengthen your core

Ask anyone that has a functionally strong core and they will tell you that, when you are strong through your mid-section, you just feel better. Your whole body feels stronger, you move better, have more power, the list is endless. You will find that a stronger core will help you to perform better at just about every other class that we have on our timetable!

Improve your posture

Pilates doesn’t just work the mid-section and core areas, it actually works your entire body (and could deceptively be the hardest session that you do all week). The muscles that help to control your posture run all the way up and down your back, from the base of your head to your pelvis and also across the upper and middle back. Pilates targets all of these muscles, helping you to feel taller and straighter!

Decrease back pain

One of the most significant correlates of back pain is poor core strength. When the core muscles aren’t as strong as they need to be, this can lead to compensations in areas of the body, to try and assist. Over time, this can place undue strain on these areas, usually the lower back, and can lead to pain. Pilates is an amazing, low impact way to target your core and reduce lower back pain.


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Pilates great for my injury recovery and helping me to slow down for once -

Craig OMara

Definitely lots of spices burn and perfect to get some of those small muscles moving again.

Yvette Sams

I’ve been training at Fitness Playground and the Bunker for over 18 months now. Apart from strength training, I’ve loved working on improving callisthenics skills with my trainer Dave Marsh. It’s really helped with mobility, movement and strength, and overall well being. What I love most about the Bunker is the sense of community.

John Doe

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