Workers Compensation and CTP

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How can an Exercise Physiologist help me with my Workers Compensation or CTP claim?

Return to Work

We know that the longer you spend away from work that the less likely you are to ever be able to return. The reasons for this are somewhat complex, however the desire to return to your workplace does reduce the longer that you spend away. This will eventually lead to poor mental health associated with a lack of purpose and productivity. So, we aim to ensure that we can, working with the other stakeholders in your case (Rehab Consultant, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and any other Allied Health Practitioner), get you back to work in some capacity simply because we know that this will lead to the best possible outcome for you.

Functional Strength

Following an injury, whether work or leisure related, there is a loss of what is called ‘functional strength’. This refers to the strength loss following an injury that impacts on your day-to-day functionality. A loss of functional strength will almost always make it hard to return to work, so we work very hard to improve your functional capacity not only so that you can return to work, but also so that you are still able to function in your day-to-day life. The loss of functional strength following an injury, and the associated loss of capacity in your daily activities, has been shown conclusively to lead to a decrease in mental health and mental wellbeing. At Totum Health we understand this and will work diligently to ensure that you regain your strength as quickly as possible.

Mental Health

As we can see above, if we can work with you to get you back to work in some capacity and improve your functional strength this should lead to better mental health outcomes. It has been shown that any capacity to return to work and improve functional strength will lead to better mental health outcomes. Further to this, the socializing that occurs when you are engaged in a strength and conditioning program with an Exercise Physiologist, using our client-centred approach, will empower you to improve your own outcome and your own mental health and wellbeing. Post-injury stress and trauma are a significant factor to overcome and we will work closely with you to ensure that you are feeling as well as you can and ready to take on all of the challenges that lay ahead for you.

Pain Reduction

Using the biopsychosocial model of pain, our team will work with you so that you can better understand your pain and therefore manage it better. Pain is a complex issue and your perception of your own pain is influenced by multiple factors including events that have happened in your life surrounding pain and the nature of the circumstances surrounding the injury itself. We will work with you to understand your pain, your body’s response to it and the relationship of pain to your mind and perception and then how you feel pain. Our Exercise Physiologists will challenge you to embrace your pain and understand your body so that you can better appreciate your response to pain.

Physical Fitness

Different from functional strength, following an injury you will lose total physical fitness due in large part to the time that you spend incapacitated by the injury. In the case of a CTP claim especially, our team will work very closely with you to bring your physical fitness back to a level that you had before the injury. We can work on your aerobic capacity, muscular strength, endurance or flexibility – whatever we agree that needs to most attention! Catering to your current level of capacity and fitting in with your current life commitments, our team will work with you, taking our client-centred approach at all times, to ensure that you get the best outcome possible and enjoy the journey as we get there.

Totum Health

Our aim is to be the number 1 provider of Exercise Physiology and Personal Training in Australia. This is not a small task – there are a lot of providers across our industry. However, we are attempting something different. There is no Exercise Physiology company that is attempting to establish themselves within a commercial gym. This means that we are able to provide our clients with unrestricted access to the most up-to-date and widest array of equipment and space that any other provider can offer.

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