Male, 63 years
I had suffered through 20 years of chronic arthritis in my knees and battled obesity. Seeing the team at Totum Health changed my life in the way that my pain reduced and my weight began to drop. Now I can safely say that my knee pain is nearly non-existent and I have lost over 60 kilograms. I can’t speak highly enough of the team – that’s probably why I have been seeing them for almost 10 years!


Female, 60 years
When I first met the team at Totum Health I hadn’t exercised regularly for over 20 years. I was reluctant at first and was really pushed by my GP to see an Exercise Physiologist. I had chronic knee and hip pain and was overweight. The team at Totum Health helped me to enjoy exercise and get pain free – which is life changing. I didn’t realize how much pain I was in until I didn’t have any. Now I am the strongest I have ever been and just feel amazing!


Male, 49 years
Male, 49 years
I was stuck in a rut with my training and was starting to develop some aches, pains and injuries. I needed a change with what I was doing and that is when I decided to see an Exercise Physiologist and the team at Totum Health. I was developing sciatic pain and had foot drop, but the team helped me through all of that and now I am free to train as I have always enjoyed. I couldn’t recommend Totum Health more!


Male, 42 years
My lifestyle had always made it very hard for me to develop a routine around my training. I loved to train but finding time was tough. I reached out to Totum Health as I was starting to feel some aches and pains and had heard about Exercise Physiology. It turned out to be an amazing decision! 18 months on and I am able to move better, feel better and am not in pain anymore. Totum Health take a great approach towards helping you to manage your time and fit in exercise that you enjoy – around any injuries that you have – and can help you work towards being pain free.

Georgina and Dash

Mum and Son, 45 years and 16 years

I had been training with the team at Totum Health for several years before I decided that
my son also needed some help. He is an AFL player and wanted to start going to the gym. I
knew that he would need some help from an Exercise Physiologist as he was still growing and I did not want him to do anything that would harm his growth or injure him. He’s never been stronger or healthier and truly loves going to the gym. It’s great – we compete against each other too even though he’s already caught up to me!