Workers Compensation/CTP

Have you had an accident at work which resulted in injury – whether mental or physical? Are you currently involved in a Workers Compensation claim? If you are, our team is able to help you get back to work and back to your full functional capacity.

Taking a client-centred approach, utilizing the latest in behavioural science and pain management coaching, we aim to get you back to work as quickly as possible. We work, first, on identifying the barriers to getting you back to work, whether those barriers are biological, psychological or social. The evidence very strongly shows us that the longer you spend away from work, the less likely you are to ever return to work, the worse your recovery will be and the more depressed you are likely to get. It is a vicious trap and we aim to get you out of it.

First, we identify any barriers and work with you on removing them. Once we have done that we aim to empower you through movement, allowing you to listen to your body as we work with you through our personally tailored exercise program. Empowerment is the key and we always ensure that you are aware that you are the master of your path forward.

Our team of Exercise Physiologists are all experienced in the Workers Compensation field and have seen clients that have had injuries ranging from back pain to acute injuries to mental health and everything in between. We will liaise with everyone in your team to ensure that we get the best outcome for you!

Our clients range from EML, Allianz, NRMA and many more. Book us in for a free initial consultation and we can talk you through the process and explain the benefits of seeing an Exercise Physiologist for your treatment and return to work plan. At Totum Health, we always have your best interests and your best outcome in mind.